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With a well-rounded group of specialists, we have the expertise to help with virtually any issue your child may be facing. Rest assured, that when you contact us, we will connect you with the therapist who has experience with your child’s specific challenges.


Cognitive behavioral therapy helps children of all ages change the way they manage their thoughts, behavior and feelings. Therapy is based on the premise that these thoughts, emotions and behaviors are interconnected. We help to empower your child with specific coping skills to choose positive thoughts and behaviors to navigate life’s challenges. Therapy is also effective in helping your child manage stressful life situations such as death or divorce.


Many behavioral and mental disorders require an approach that is a combination of medication and therapy. Medication improves the symptoms of the disorder as well as your child’s daily functioning, while therapy helps them build the tools to cope with it. For some disorders related to brain chemical imbalance, medication may be a key component of your child or adolescent’s successful behavioral and mental health therapy.


Family counseling is also available – and encouraged – as everyone is affected when a brother or sister struggles. We also offer parent coaching sessions, so that caregivers can learn the skills necessary to help their child beyond the therapy sessions. 

Appointments are usually available the same day. And, of course, we are always available by text, chat, and email.

You’re only one call away from an out of office experience.


At Youme, we based our practice on telehealth, because we believe it works best for children and their families. Here’s why.

It helps you feel more comfortable. Because we can conduct your session from the comfort of your home, you’ll feel more relaxed, which makes it easier to open up and talk. That goes a long way in successfully treating behavioral and mental issues. 

It removes the stigma. Many adolescents fear that their friends will find out they go to therapy, and for most, that can be embarrassing. With telehealth, we eliminate this barrier. 

It makes it easier to make and keep appointments. With telehealth, sessions can take place outside of normal business hours, kids don’t have to miss school or other important activities. And because there’s no commute, you don’t have to carve out several hours of your day to make the appointment. Because of this, we’ve found fewer patients cancel, which is good for the continuity of care. 

It’s how kids like to communicate. The younger generations have grown up with technology. They’re attached to their phones. With telehealth, it’s just like talking with a friend.

It allows for a real team approach. Telehealth enables family members, teachers and other providers to be involved directly in a child’s care.


If your child is experiencing symptoms of mental and behavioral distress, give us a call. Because no matter what the issue, we can pair you up with a therapist who has the experience in helping kids just like yours.  Our youth counseling telehealth services are available throughout the state of Maryland. Appointments last 60 minutes and are typically available the same day. SCHEDULE A SESSION FOR YOUR CHILD


When one child struggles, other members of the family may be struggling, too. Group sessions allow us to uncover any underlying issues within the family structure and address them in real time. We’ve found that when a family talks together, a family heals faster together. Family counseling is available throughout the state of Maryland. Sessions last 60 minutes. SCHEDULE A FAMILY SESSION


We believe that parents and guardians play a vital role in a child’s recovery. To help you help your child, we offer sessions exclusively for caregivers. Here, you can get professional guidance and advice that will help you counsel your child at home and reinforce the progress that is being made. Parental coaching sessions are available throughout the state of Maryland and last 60 minutes each.  SCHEDULE A PARENTAL SESSION


Your children get a physical check up every year. They should also get a mental health check up, too. That way, you catch any underlying issues that may lead to larger mental and behavioral health problems down the road. Your school may provide this service. If not, we can do the assessment for you.Wellness visits are available throughout the state of Maryland and last 60 minutes each. SCHEDULE A WELLNESS VISIT


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