Happiness can't wait

When you are struggling emotionally – you want answers now. That’s what we’re here for. At Youme, our unique behavioral and mental healthcare model gives, young adults, children and their families greater access to care by making intervention faster. By making appointments easier to schedule. By fully leveraging telehealth technology. And by helping everyone understand that emotional and behavioral health isn’t something to be ignored.

For me, happy is not feeling alone around my friends

Happy is not always thinking I’m going to die
Happy is when the other kids stop laughing at me
Happy is not always being afraid
Happy is when my parents like me
Happy is not always being mad
Happy is not feeling like I’m going to explode

At Youme, we believe it’s important to uncover the underlying causes of your child’s pain, and address them as soon as possible. After all, childhood is short, and every day of suffering is a day they’ll never get back. 

Care that’s designed around your needs

At Youme, we recognize that no child’s needs are quite the same. So we reimagined the typical care model to make it more personal, more accessible, and more inclusive. Our healthcare practice focuses on child, teen and family  behavioral and mental health, including cognitive talk therapy and medication management/psychiatry. Our counselors are licensed, trained, and experienced, with the ability to make diagnoses, provide therapy and prescribe medication. Based in Baltimore, Youme telehealth counseling services expand access to all children and families residing in the state of Maryland.  

Don’t wait to get the care you need. Appointments are available the same day or next day.

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